During 28th – 30th of September 2012, at Sinaia, the festival aimed to unwind the spectators once again, with generous rounds of laughter and special guests.

In a world full of conflicts, we have chosen to have fun! This in the motto that we hope will catch your attention so that you follow us for 3 days, at the fourth edition of the Films 4 Fun Festival, which will take place at the International Conference Center Sinaia Casino and at the film studio set on the Carol I Boulevard.

The Cineremember Foundation, together with the City Hall of Sinaia and Hifi Production, invite you to join them for 3 festival days at Sinaia, on the occasion of the XIX-th edition of the “Sinaia Forever” Festival.

Vlad Oprea, the mayor of Sinaia: “Caragiale himself was drawn and inspired by the beauty of our town, where some of the greatest artistic and cultural personalities have lived and worked. Certainly, Sinaia is the perfect place for a festival of comedy films. This year, we’ve started this collaboration, and we intend to further develop this project together, in the future.

As our spectators have already been accustomed, this edition of the Films 4 Fun Festival will bring about shorts and feature films in the comedy and parody genre, and also workshops and lots of fun.

The “Sinaia Forever” Festival offers a space for good vibes and friendly atmosphere to merge with the theme of our festival.

The aim of this event is to offer, during the 3 days, an alternative to the busy, tight and stressful life of spectators, no matter the age.

We shall liven the atmosphere with our special guests:  Daniela Nane, Magda Catone, Silviu Biriș, Mihai Bobonete, Mihai Rait, Bogdan Naumovici and many more, and also through our workshops that we hope will draw you closer to the fascinating world of cinema.

Friday, September 28th, 2012

12:00     The parodying of a scene from the film Nea Mărin Miliardarul, interpreted by Magda Catone and Silviu Biriș

14:00     The spectators will turn into “actors” and interpret some lines from films. They will get into direct contact with the filming camera, call the cue “camera, action” and click for the following take.

18:00 – 19:00  Break

19:00     Festival opening presented by Daniela Nane

19:30     Screening of Boogie, directed by Radu Muntean (duration 103 minutes)

21:15     Screening of Strung Love, directed by Victor Dragomir (duration 18 minutes)


Saturday, September 29th, 2012

12:00     A box with a bowl containing notes with famous lines from films. The spectators extract a note and must guess the movie from which the line came. Whoever guesses, wins a prize.

14:00     Film makeup

16:00     On stage dancing on music from films (a pair). After the performance, the dancers will pick spectators (and try to teach them the dance steps on the same music)

18:00 – 19:00  Break

19:00     Workshop by Bogdan Naumovici

20:00    Stand-up comedy with Mihai Bobonete (Bobo) and Mihai Rait

21:00     Screening of the best Romanian advertising spots from the previos 10 years

21:20     Screening of the trailer of Beyond the hills, directed by Cristian Mungiu

                Screening of Hello… how are you, directed by Alexandru Maftei (duration 105 minutes)


Sunday, September 30th, 2012

12:00     Film makeup

14:00     Photo shoot with the spectators using props of characters from films

16:00     Pantomime

18:00 – 19:00  Break

19:00     Screening of Hall Pass, directed by Bobby and Peter Farrelly (duration 105 minutes)

21:45     Screening of Stuck on Christmas, directed by Iulia Rugină (duration 39 minutes)