Jury Members 2023

Fabien Baumann (Film Critic)

Film critic Fabien Baumann has been writing since 2002 for the prestigious French film magazine "Positif", of which he has been a member of the editorial board since 2004.

He has coordinated several dossiers and special issues of the Lyon-based monthly magazine, in which he published numerous studies, reviews, and comprehensive interviews with filmmakers.

Since 2013, he has been teaching film aesthetics and history at the Conservatoire Libre du Cinéma Français (CLCF) in Paris.

He is a trainer for high school teachers in the French capital and the province in the framework of various film education programs.

For seven years (2013-2019), he was a program advisor for France 2 Cinéma, particularly in the field of comedy. He is a member of the French Syndicate of Cinema Critics (SFCC).

Passionate about sports as well, he has written several books about French football and the Tour de France cycling competition, published by L’Équipe, Marabout, Solar, and Calmann-Lévy.


Andreea Vasile (Actress)

Andreea Vasile is a Romanian film, theatre and television actress. She graduated from the National University of Theatre and Film “I. L. Caragiale” Bucharest in 2008.

She had her film debut while still student with a small part in a Romanian series called „La urgență”.

Other notable roles in: “O nouă casă” (2007), “Nașterea unei capodopere" (2008), “Bani” (2008), "Eu" (2008), “Luna verde" (2010), “Fixeur” (2016), “Charleston” (2017), “Apostolul Bologa” (2018), “The World to Come” (2020), “Ramon” (2023).

She also colaborate with theatres as Teatrul Metropolis, Teatrul Bulandra and Teatrul Nottara.

She became very popular after playing a support part in the Romanian TV series “Umbre”, produced by Bogdan Mirică and Igor Cobileanski, during its three seasons (2014-2019) and also to her appearances in the comedy TV series ”Las Fierbinți”.

Her recent TV series project was the part of Adela Godeanu in the show “Spy/Master”.


Horea Lapteș (Director of Photography and Cinematographer)

Horea Lapteș is a well known Director of Photography and Cinematographer.

He graduated from the National University of Theatre and Film “I. L. Caragiale” Bucharest and worked over the years with famous film makers such as: Lucian Pintilie, Tudor Vornicu, Dan Nanoveanu, Doina Cruceru and many more.

As a Director of Photografy, he worked at projects such as: “Filmul fără titlu” (1980), also directing it – the first Romanian making off to a movie for “De ce trag clopotele, Mitică?”, “O vară cu Mara”(1988),”Drumeț în calea lupilor” (1989), “Eye Candy: The Crazy World of David LaChapelle” (2006) și “Afacerea Tănase” (2013).

Since 1990 Horea Lapteș lives in France, where he continous to work as a Cinematographer and Film Maker.